Starbucks Milk Options (Dairy & Non Dairy)

Starbucks Milk Options (Dairy & Non Dairy)

At Starbucks, every sip of coffee offers a unique opportunity to personalize your beverage with an array of milk alternatives and milk substitutes. Whether you like regular dairy milk or prefer plant-based options like almond or oat milk, there’s something for everyone.
With options ranging from traditional dairy milks like whole and 2% to plant-based alternatives such as soy and oat milk, Starbucks not only accommodates a wide range of dietary preferences but also enhances the coffee experience with every cup.

This article offers a detailed look at each milk option available, helping you make informed choices about what to add to your next Starbucks order, whether you’re looking for richness, sweetness, or a healthy twist.

Starbucks Milk Options

Starbucks Milk Options

Starbucks is known for its wide variety of milk options, allowing customers to customize their beverages to suit their tastes and dietary preferences. The types of milk at Starbucks include dairy-based options like whole milk, 2% milk, nonfat milk, half-and-half milk, Heavy cream, and Vanilla sweet cream, as well as plant-based alternatives such as soy milk, Coconut milk, almond milk, and oat milk.

Dairy Milk Starbucks

Dairy Milk Starbucks

Whole milk

Whole milk is a top choice at Starbucks because of its creamy, luxurious texture that goes perfectly with the strong flavors of their coffee and espresso. It adds a rich, smooth touch, making traditional coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos delightful and satisfying.

2% milk

2% milk serves as a fantastic middle-ground option. It contains less fat than whole milk yet still offers a considerable amount of creaminess to your coffee. This makes it an excellent choice for those who enjoy their drink with a bit of richness but are also mindful of their calorie intake.

Nonfat Milk (Skim Milk)

Skim milk is the lowest calorie milk at Starbucks, making it an ideal choice for calorie-conscious customers. It provides the lightest milk choice available, lowering the calories in your favorite coffee drinks without losing the crucial creamy feel that boosts the coffee experience.

Half and Half

Half and half, often called breve milk when used in espresso drinks, is a popular choice for those who like their milk coffee rich and creamy without being too heavy. This mix of milk and cream lends a smooth, velvety layer to your coffee.

Heavy Cream

It’s thicker and more luxurious than other milk options, ideal for giving any drink a deep, creamy feel. Heavy cream is especially favored in recipes that need a strong, rich coffee flavor to shine through.

Vanilla Sweet Cream

Vanilla sweet cream is a wonderful option for adding a sweet, silky touch to Starbucks drinks. It mixes cream and vanilla, providing a delicious sweetness that perfectly balances the natural bitterness of coffee.

Dairy Milk Nutritional Comparison

NutrientWhole Milk2% MilkNonfat MilkHalf and HalfHeavy CreamVanilla Sweet Cream
Total Fat (g)3.31.980.1810.43720
Saturated Fat (g)
Cholesterol (mg)10823413760
Carbohydrates (g)
Sugars (g)
Protein (g)
Calcium (mg)11312012510183100

Dairy Milk Prices

Milk TypeNew YorkLos AngelesChicagoHoustonMiami
Whole Milk$3.50$3.30$3.00$2.80$3.20
2% Milk$3.40$3.20$2.90$2.70$3.10
Nonfat Milk$3.30$3.10$2.80$2.60$3.00
Half and Half$4.20$4.00$3.80$3.50$3.90
Heavy Cream$5.00$4.80$4.50$4.20$4.90
Vanilla Sweet Cream$5.50$5.30$5.00$4.70$5.40

Non Dairy Milk Starbucks

Non Dairy Milk Starbucks

Starbucks offers a variety of non-dairy, lactose-free milk options, catering to those who prefer plant-based alternatives. These options not only add a unique flavor to your favorite Starbucks beverages but also allow lactose-intolerant customers to enjoy their coffee without any issues.

Soy milk

One common question among Starbucks patrons is, “What soy milk does Starbucks use?” Starbucks uses its brand of soy milk, which is specially formulated to pair well with its coffee and tea offerings. This soy milk is known for its smooth texture and slight sweetness, making it a popular choice for those seeking a dairy-free alternative.

Coconut milk

Starbucks also provides coconut milk as a creamy, tropical alternative to dairy. The coconut milk used by Starbucks is a custom blend designed to be frothy and smooth, making it great for mixing into coffees and teas. This coconut milk is sweetened just a little, adding a nice touch of sweetness that goes well with the strong flavors of their drinks without being too much.

Almond milk

Starbucks’ unsweetened almond milk is a popular choice among milk substitutes. It offers a nutty flavor without extra sweetness, which is excellent for people who want a dairy-free alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Oat milk

Oat milk has recently gained popularity not only for its creamy texture but also for its health benefits. It’s rich in fiber and low in saturated fats, which can benefit heart health. Its creamy consistency and mild sweetness make it a favorite for both hot and cold drinks, perfectly blending with the natural bitterness of coffee.

Nut Blend

The Nut Blend at Starbucks is a newer addition for those who enjoy a richer, stronger flavor in their coffee or tea. This blend typically combines almonds, cashews, and sometimes hazelnuts, making it creamy and taste good. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a bit of luxury.

Non Dairy Milk Nutritional Comparison

Milk ProductCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Carbohydrates (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Calcium (mg)
Soy Milk541.80.26.343.325
Coconut Milk230242163.32.316
Almond Milk171.10.10.600.6189
Oat Milk390.

Non Dairy Milk Prices

Milk TypeNew YorkLos AngelesChicagoHoustonMiami
Soy Milk$3.00$2.80$2.90$2.70$3.10
Coconut Milk$3.50$3.30$3.40$3.20$3.60
Almond Milk$3.20$3.00$3.10$2.90$3.30
Oat Milk$3.40$3.20$3.30$3.10$3.50
Nut Blend$3.70$3.50$3.60$3.40$3.80

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, greeStarbucks drinks can contain varying amounts of milk, typically between 1 to 2 cups depending on the size of the drink.

No, Starbucks does not offer cashew milk as an option.

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